• Caint Saor: Episode 15

    Join Rob DeSalle as he discusses harrowing accounts of 3 vaccine injuries and the impacts on the victims and their families. They discuss who is culpable and who actively tried to cover it up. See pics below for support groups for those injured by the injection

  • Caint Saor: Episode 14

    Stephen Sutton speaks with former teacher, lay litigant and political commentator, Christian Morris about Pride from the perspective of a gay man among other topics.

  • Caint Saor: Episode 13

    Denis Delaney discusses with Rory and Mark their journey through life to the present day and their quest to find people to stand with them together to empower we the people of the island to truly understand personal and national sovereignty by understanding and evoking 'An bunreachta' in the free state courts.

  • Caint Saor: Episode 12

    Join Rob De Salle in interview with David Chariot O'Reilly a well renowned activist and Fiona Bradley the spearhead of an information bombing initiative called Hold The Line which has cropped up all over Ireland. Please follow up with these two on www.sovereignpeople.ie and if you would be so kind as to send Dr Vincent Carroll's petition on https://www.change.org/p/abolish-the-medical-council

  • Caint Saor: Episode 11

    Join Rob DeSalle and the ledgendary Terry Lawton for part 2 of Geo Engineering, Terry has profound knowledge and study in the area and safe to say the boys take a dive off the deep end, not to be missed. You can catch up with Terry on climatechangeagenda.com

  • Caint Saor: Episode 10

    Join Rob De Salle, Housing activist Garie Beatie and local activist Denise Clarke discussing the proposed removal of property rights and the housing situation in Ireland. Denise and Co will be running 'Easkey Speakers Corner' this Thursday the 19th of May at 7pm in Easkey village. This is a free speech event so please come along and hear the word and have your say.

  • Caint Saor: Episode 9

    Join Rob De Salle and Chiaran Smithfield discussing Geo-engineering - Chemtrails - Cloud-Seeding - HAARP - Flouridation - SunGazing You can follow up with Chiaran on Climatechangeagenda.com

  • Caint Saor: Episode 8

    Host Stephen Sutton is joined by renowned Pagan voice and social commentator Thomas Sheridan and regular contributor Stephen Delaney as they wrestle with religious interence in Irish history and other topics.

  • Caint Saor: Episode 7

    Join us for episode 7 as we cover the WHO pandemic Treaty, Compliance culture and more featuring Dr. Vincent Carroll, Dannan Gaughan, Rob De Salle and 'Sam'.

  • Caint Saor: Episode 6

    Stephen J Delaney is joined by truth seeking historian 'Brian Skeptic' to discuss alternative/hidden history and also how this type of research can be a great way for people to open their eyes and minds.

  • Caint Saor: Episode 5

    Rob De Salle and Janey from Enniscrone discuss the local secondary school enforcing their own Mask Mandate. Teenager made recording of crazy announcement about masks as lenten penance. Impacts of masks on our children. If anyone wants to follow up with Janey over at Sage and Seer

  • Caint Saor: Episode 4

    The first of a series of podcasts around Irish history. Dannan Gaughan and Dan Tracy take us through The Book of Invasions.

  • Caint Saor: Episode 3

    John Caulfield, Dannan Gaughan, Finn Bradley and other young voices feature in a lengthy dicussion about the impact of lockdowns on the youth of Ireland.

  • Caint Saor: Episode 2

    Rob De Salle is joined by Darragh O' Flaherty to discuss the stark realities of the vaccine rollout and its implications for all who took part in it.

  • Caint Saor: Episode 1

    Uncensored podcast with Rob De Salle and Michael Brazil (the Irish Git). Features a panel of guests.