About Us

We the people is an independent media platform, consisting of an online newspaper with hard hitting opinion pieces and news articles, coupled with a brand new podcast ‘Caint Saor’. Free speech for all is at the very core of our values and we are committed to being open, honest and transparent, giving a platform to not only those who agree with us, but also those who do not. Free speech should mean exactly that, all opinions should be welcomed but rigorously challenged and subject to open ended debate, for these ideals are the very building blocks of any free society or republic and how we learn and grow, coming to an understanding, free of hatred or malice. However unorthodox or controversial a persons opinion may be, we believe it has a right to be expressed regardless. We vow to hold power to account and speak truth to it, shining a light on corruption within our great nation. We wish to uphold the values of the country our forefathers fought, bled and died for. We are unapologetically nationalist, but not necessarily statist, with passion and love for the land of Eire, it’s rich and ancient history and it’s people. We wish to keep our culture, customs and traditions alive and revive all that it is to be a Gael. Music, poetry, art, language, creative writing, sport and all and any craft or creative process we will attempt to keep alive in the face of the ever increasing and creeping spectre of globalism. The preservation of our inalienable, god given human rights is at the heart of what has organically brought us together.