Our Irish Dharma

I have an admission to make, I’m afraid. I have had to come to terms with the fact that I am a failed political candidate. Which is all the more cruel because I have come to despise politicians. In 2019, I ran in the local elections in Kilkenny city as an independent candidate. I received 236 first preference votes (2.46%). I was simply one poor schmuck walking around Kilkenny City with a bundle of leaflets and a twitter account. I ran my campaign on a shoestring budget as a minimum wage worker. Despite this I still managed to garner more first preference votes than 3 of my rivals. I’m bringing this up for a simple reason, my friends. We need more candidates who swim against the political tide. The country is spiralling out of control. Inflation is rising, we are importing thousands of economic migrants who are masquerading as refugees and energy costs are rising faster at a time when it is increasingly difficult to get on the property ladder . We need people to stand up against the tyranny of groupthink that we are now facing on these issues. The institute for strategic dialogue in a recent study concluded that so-called “far right” candidates usually acquire between 1-2% in Irish elections. My underwhelming experience in 2019 shows that even under resourced candidates can outperform these metrics if they run in local elections in 2024. The question is how do they run ?

Political campaigns are a notoriously difficult slog. Be under no illusions, by undertaking such an endeavour, you are opening yourself up to a torrent of abuse and intellectually dishonest scrutiny. However, we have a duty to save this great nation from the ignominy of vassalage we are currently enduring under the rule of the European Union. You might scoff at local government and how being elected to a county council might actually help to save the country, but you simply need to look at the renaissance that MAGA republicans are currently enjoying in America, they have recently won a litany of local school board and election administration races and as a result of a grassroots uprising they are now on the precipice of taking back control of congress and look well poised to take back the white house in 2024. The point is that quite often becoming embroiled in the political plumbing of local authorities can often help to build a tidal wave of public support for populists as time progresses.

For full disclosure, I am a member of the Irish Freedom Party. At this present time I believe our party is the only vehicle we have to change the governing parties’ agenda. We are eurosceptic, we will crack down on immigration, we will be tough on crime and we’ll never encourage an authoritarian state that has become more and more prevalent during Covid 19 lockdowns and the legislating of “Hate Speech laws”. We believe in housing the Irish first. The party is also against the carbon tax which is discriminately targeting rural Ireland. If we are going to be successful we need to unite with like minded people around the country. Because of an understated recent change to electoral law in Ireland, new parties will not be registered without the support of a TD or an MEP. This is an attempt to stifle opposition and we believe it is a sinister danger to our democracy. However, because the IFP already has procured its registration we are in a unique position to campaign for these issues we all believe in. We need smaller parties or groups who are trying to register as a political party to come to the table and find a way for us to work together for the greater good of the country. Whether this is in the form of co-operation or a merger is a pertinent question, but one which needs to be addressed by all concerned.

Over the last number of years it has become obvious to us all that rural Ireland is sick and dying. The irony is that the political parties that have presided over this collapse rely on rural voters to survive. The EU is banning us from cutting turf. You can now face up to two years in jail for “excessively cutting turf”. The government is now bribing our small farmers by offering them 5,000 euro for every cow they cull from their herd under the guise of a green initiative. The aforementioned Carbon Tax is exacerbating this assault on rural Ireland and our way of life. The saddest thing about this so- called “Green agenda” is that all we are doing is effectively subsidising the mass pollution taking place elsewhere. We are now importing peat from Poland as a result of European directives. Our carbon tax makes us less competitive with global polluters such as the Chinese to such an extent we are essentially handing them a competitive trade advantage. If we do not reverse course now, the country will be in an irreversible decline. We will become even more wholly reliant on multinational corporations who employ more foreign workers than indigenous Irish people. The country will cease to maintain its traditions and will be nothing more than a tax haven for the corporate interests.

In conclusion, we must put our differences aside to enable people with our worldview to succeed in politics. And at the present time there are too many schisms in our movement to achieve any sense of cohesion. I have come to terms with my failure as a candidate in 2019. Any populist candidate that runs should have a support system in place and a group of like minded individuals to stick their heads above the parapet. The Irish Freedom party is offering you this support. It will not be easy, but something worth doing never is. We genuinely believe in a vision of Ireland where we begin to regain authority over our own country. I know many of you do as well. That is why we need to break bread and coalesce. Our duty, fate and destiny have become entwined. It is our Irish dharma. We must realise it.

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