Fantasy Island (Let's Play Pretend)

Picture if you will, an island in the Atlantic Ocean, the most westerly outpost of the great continent of Europe. A place that has been the scene of so many battles between empires. Where wars, political intrigue and the birth of numerous ideologies, rightly or wrongly, have largely shaped the world we know today. This island on the continent's western periphery, with its turbulent past, is steeped in history and is absolutely spoiled with natural beauty, with bountiful resources which could easily sustain the entire population in perpetuity. Yet amazingly in this potential paradise everything is upside down and back to front. Right is considered wrong and good deemed bad. The guilty roam the streets freely whilst the innocent are incarcerated for crimes of conscience. The continent as a whole in fairness, seems to have completely lost its marbles and has become the plaything of talentless, mediocre, bureaucratic tyrants who make nonsensical decisions from ivory towers unblemished by the consequences of those decisions. This is amplified especially, in the microcosm of Ireland. Where wokeness combines with a historic bleeding heart, enabling us to inadvertently and ridiculously conspire time and time again, against our own interests, enabling our political establishment to ingratiate themselves and remain the lounge room sofa pets of the European elites.

The natives are actively and consistently targeted for bullying and gaslighting (although many are too inebriated and distracted to understand this fact). The youth can't afford to buy a home and homelessness is on the increase. As foreign vulture funds buy up whole developments putting pressure on supply and driving up prices, visitors from other lands skip queues on housing lists and have state of the art new builds provided for them. The native population are also regularly encouraged to emigrate by the whorish national media publications, with front page headlines like - I'm paraphrasing; '70% of Ireland's young choose to emigrate due to spiralling cost of living and lack of affordable housing', for example. Breaking up families and slowly obliterating the national identity seems to be the modus operandi of consecutive Irish (particularly Fine Gael) governments and their media enablers.

At the same time the government has doubled the allowance for homeowners to take in Ukrainian refugees, while the west of the country (which could contain Ireland 20 times over) is not at war and could easily provide refuge. But as one Ukrainian refugee, to her credit, recently told Newstalk, Ireland is just too generous. She thought her weekly allowance was for a month! The government are also proposing new schemes to take vacant private properties to help ease the burden they created, with the new trendy buzzword, 'housing stock', (implying the state owns the houses) on the lips of all the middle class parrots, who have their opinions delivered to them by the likes of RTÉ, Newstalk and the Irish Times and are ironically the very ones in the crosshairs of the state's sniper rifle. In fact we are all now in the gun-sights of a superpower and in genuine danger since Bilderberger plant, Simon Coveney - who fortuitously happens to occupy two very strategically important ministerial posts in Defence and Foreign Affairs - along with Varadkar and Martin decided to virtue signal and play statesman, absolutely destroying our age old diplomatic relations with Russia. Treating our neutrality like used toilet paper, as if it was there's to wipe their soiled selves with. The Russians will not forget where we stood on this, instead of just minding our own business, we decided to poke a bear.

The list is literally endless.

If you are reading this, please do not buy into the idiotic media bias by mistaking it for xenophobia. I am not at all against immigration as a concept, however I believe this nation to be precious beyond words, having come into existence as a result of centuries of struggle. If you arrive on these shores you should at the very least have a love for this land and earn the privilege of calling it your home. None of these remarks are by any means an attack on people who are genuine cases and I have huge sympathy for any person, Ukrainian or otherwise, displaced by a conflict they have no control over. They are not to blame here and on a human level, we should of course help out for the most deserving cases in any serious humanitarian crisis, provided of course we have the means. But how would we know who is a genuine case? When our government continues to act irresponsibly and refuses to vet migrants, creating the recipe for a disastrous situation, whereby there is a surplus of needs as we head into an era of potential, or rather inevitable shortages and reduced economic activity. Resources will soon be competed for in this multicultural melting pot. What happens when the pot boils over? The government knows. In fact they are probably counting on it. It's as if Spike Milligan is having a laugh at our expense from beyond the grave and writing the script for this reality. It's like a Eureka moment though of course, when you realise the absolute lunacy on display is entirely deliberate.

Can we just be honest now please and not play pretend anymore as we have been doing? Pretending masks work, pretending the Covid vaccines work (that they stop you getting it and prevent transmission, if not they do not work, end of!) and aren't actually killing people. Pretending men can be women and vice versa. Pretending there's a legitimate fuel crisis and not just an imposed embargo on Russian gas, conveniently time wise, coinciding with the rollout of the green agenda. The funnelling of 24 year old Georgian men (just one example they are coming from everywhere), pretending to be Ukrainian, into the country without women and children to get free iPhones and Nike Air Max, dumping them into direct provision centres and putting serious pressure on local cohesion and services, with complete disregard for the community in which they are placed.

The little green jewel of Killarney the latest iconic town to become a dumping ground for young virile males, who judging by recent footage shows them to perhaps be more in need of sexual gratification, rather than refuge. I had a really good chat with a very nice Pakistani gentleman, who I got as taxi driver last week on my way home from Dublin, who told me he was extremely concerned about the developing refugee situation. He had made Ireland his home over twenty years ago and told me he is aghast at the changes since then. He had grown up children who all had Irish accents and considered themselves Irish. He feared the prospect of growing animosity towards him and his family, from the native Irish who he never had any problem with before and has many friends among us. But with the waves upon waves of newcomers, many of who have neither respect for the country or it's culture, he felt that goodwill was in jeopardy from more uneducated groups who generalise and can't view things in isolation. I must admit his concerns are valid. This is another side we don't hear about and another demographic, other than the indigenous population who have been betrayed by this government.

Let's also play pretend shall we, that the proposed banning of turf and other solid fuels, reducing the ability of pensioners to keep themselves warm this winter to offset the cost of rising gas bills is solely to save the planet, when colossal data centres across the country gobble up a huge percentage of the national grid, dwarfing domestic output. Let's Pretend flatulence from the anus of a cow should be a valid reason to require farmers to reduce their herds by at least half, an act which may actually result in starvation. Then there's the truly worrying reality of the public either pretending none of this is happening or it's nothing to be concerned about. It is like viewing a car crash in slow motion. It's one great big game of pretend, but the losers have already been declared.

But most recently of all, can we just for a moment pretend that Helen McEntee's proposed hate speech legislation is designed to 'protect' the rights of certain groups. No actually please, please let's not. Don't continue to patronise us and let on that this move is anything other than the mobilisation of the perennially offended purple haired army, recruited by the Governmental/NGO/University complex, into position against the increasingly disenfranchised native Irish population. Using the weapon of screenshots to tattle-tale to Mammy and Daddy government on anyone who uses their words - yes words, to disagree with their world view. Which could, most ridiculously, result in someone receiving a five year custodial sentence for disseminating a meme. This is of course an extreme example, but read the proposed bill and judge for yourself how vague and loosely defined it is. When you bear in mind the fact, an innocent teacher still rots in a cell in Mountjoy prison, until at least February, because the legal system now appears to prioritise the terrifying danger of hurt feelings over the removal of dangerous paedophiles and sexual predators from our streets, it does not seem too much of a stretch at all. Suspended sentences are regularly handed out (by one judge in particular). Now I don't know about you, but I was brought up with the mantra drilled into me, 'Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me'. I would much prefer to teach my children to be stoic in the face of name calling (or as the state now calls it 'hate speech') than to have them faced with (and I'm going to be deliberately graphic here to drive the message home) the possibility of being physically overwhelmed by a pervert who wants to molest them, who has been set free on a suspended sentence just so Enoch Burke can occupy his cell. Madness!

This is all apparently perfectly normal on fantasy island and not only that, we are to shut our mouths now and accept it or face a similar fate. This is the land of the written and spoken word. Writers, poets, bards, songwriters, playwrights and actors. Are we really going to surrender centuries of tradition to the whims of these lunatic woke ideologues who seem to have seized control of our country and held all the sane people captive. Malevolence often finds a convenient cloak under the appearance of incompetence and whilst on the surface level, those implementing these never ending changes to our constitution and the introduction of more and more bills and laws which undermine and impinge on our freedoms, are they themselves, mediocre and incompetent, I believe those behind the scenes making the real decisions to be anything but.

Be under no illusion, when the first 'extremists' fall foul of this new legislation - should it pass (spoiler alert, it will) - huge sections of the population will applaud them off to prison, failing to realise that the same will happen to them, should they decide to one day speak up on an issue that may be deemed offensive to another party. As we have seen only recently people are quick to side with power for powers sake. Might is right and it has a willing cheerleader and will forever have company amongst cowards. But like the eye of Sauron, the gaze of the totalitarian regime they helped manifest into existence - through either their support or apathy - will be fixed firmly upon them should they decide to pipe up. Will they then pause for reflection and lament the error of their ways? Perhaps the more conscious among them will, but it's despairing how little people learn from history and if the last few years have taught us anything, they've at least taught us that most people don't require a statutory intervention such as this one to force them to hold their tongues. The fear of what others think will suffice and do nicely thank you very much.

I do not believe Minister Helen McEntee to be an inherently evil or wicked person, but she is blinded by ideology, which is extremely dangerous when combined with the power she wields. One can only be judged on deeds and this is among the most sinister imaginable. No doubt it was perhaps intimated by someone somewhere above her pay grade, that it may be a good career move to pursue such an avenue and perhaps, that, coupled with her own personal beliefs was enough to nudge her towards the pursuit of this abomination. Never in world history has it ended well for someone who has bestowed upon themselves the power to limit the terms of human expression or the human experience (which free speech is integral to). History will not look kindly upon this, should it produce the results expected. When speech and the ability to express oneself verbally is removed, what else is left? This 'hate speech' bill is a provocation and in essence is in and of itself an incitement to hatred and violence. It's the state saying 'we can do what we like, this is the new reality, what are you going to do about it, shut your mouth'. Any act of violence (which I would certainly not condone) that results from this, will be the responsibility of those so aggressively pushing this bill, because they will have criminalised resolution through debate and the duelling of words.

How can I be held responsible for someone else's interpretation of my words or opinions? I can't and that's the whole reason this should be dead in the water upon its inception. I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in An Garda Siochana to use discretion on a case by case basis on policing this issue (particularly in the age of Drew Harris). While I have met some really decent Gardai over the years, I'm not convinced a command trickling down from on high would be disobeyed on moral grounds by any of them. I'm certain in fact, that if a known dissenting voice they wanted silenced got tangled in this web, the DPP and all the machinery of the state would click into gear rather quickly and move like clockwork. As we have already seen with their 'words are weapons' tweet, they have already chosen the side of the professional victim, rather than protecting the individual right of free speech. The era of political policing we entered during the Covid nightmare, sadly looks set to intensify. For now at least.

These are all indicators of a society in steep and rapid decline. When immature individuals are those who now have the power to pass laws, you know you are on a downward trajectory towards a failed state. Hopefully, the highly arbitrary and subjective nature of this legislation, makes it extremely difficult for it to hold up under scrutiny in court. However, with the fervour it is being pushed I do believe that the intention is to at the very least, test its validation inside the setting of a courtroom. Will context and nuance be a sufficient defence against a random accusation? Many of the ordinary people of this country who were bullied, ironically called names and subjected to - by their definition not mine, 'hate speech' - at the hands of the state and their media mouthpieces for close to 3 years solid, are those who it will be tested on and may now have 'hate criminal' attached to the growing list of derogatory slurs bestowed upon them, for the crime of disagreeing with the government. In a free society that is completely unacceptable.

So let's stop playing pretend shall we and let's be honest for once, since they won't. If this goes through we will no longer live in a free society. This should be everyone's line in the sand.

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