McEntee: The Most Miserable Birthing Person in Irish History

My dear friends, family, fellow countrymen and even those who would see themselves as my adversaries, I must try to convey to you now the gravity of the situation we are all in. We are currently watching rise of one of the most callous purveyors of death and suffering this island has ever produced. Helen McEntee is by no means an idiot or some sort of petulant feminist. That would be a mistake on our behalf, as Irish men, and an actual example of misogynistic thinking to allow ourselves to believe that she is a mere puppet for her globalist overlords. Unfortunately we are faced with a real piece of work in McEntee. She is, in my opinion, one of the most capable and cunning assets the Globalists have ever had.

McEntee is not only willing, but able, as Minister for Justice to target and vanquish Irish society from the public realm. She aims to suppress Irish men, justifying her alterations to the legal code using statistics inflated by the immigrant men she’s brings to our shores. She stokes fear and defiance into Irish women, almost completely lost to the ideals of third wave feminism, so that they become adversarial towards our men and hostile towards their natural place as mothers, homemakers and the engine of the tradition family unit. McEntee, herself an androgynous, emotionless deciple of Engles, sees the family unit as a threat, and in particular the traditional Irish family consisting of mum and dad with 3 or more kids. They want mixed race families. To be clear, I have no problem with mixed race families provided it's the result of organic human experiences but this is effectively state sponsored arranged marriages. The removal of the Irish male from society is key to destroying the pillars of the Irish Nation. McEntee seeks the removal, also, of the Irish Mná. The cannabalistic desire to remove the mention of the word ‘woman’ from the legal system is a goal of McEntee’s. This to me is nothing short of treason, of which I hereby openly lay the guilt of such on McEntee’s name.

McEntee is at the wheel of the Irish justice system, already weakened by the transgressions of the litany of traitors that held the role of Justice Minister before her, and is steering it, head on, into disaster. The proposed Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill 2022, is written by people bent on the destruction of Irish society and the assimilation of our people into a global dictatorship. This hate speech bill, identical to similar bills rolling out all across the worlds nations, will prevent the Irish from speaking in any meaningful way against their designs for us. It will criminalise the last option humanity has to resolve conflict before violence. Vocalisation. It is therefore inevitable that if this bill goes through, we will descend at some point into violent rebellion.

The evidence of a coordinated muzzling of the worlds population is clear. Super-national Fascist collectives such as the European Union are taking countries to court that refuse to pass hate speech laws in their national parliaments. In November 2020, the European Union started infringement proceedings against Estonia because it had not adopted laws against hate speech. These laws are not driven by the desire to protect minorities. They are driven by ideology and behavioural change science. They are designed to minimise the position in society of the native peoples of their respective countries. By outright lying about the severity and and number of instances of what would be unanimously agreed as hate speech, McEntee and her companions are gaslighting the public into consent. Actual instances of bigotry, such as calling a fellow employee, neighbour, or colleague a nigger, knacker, chink etc are already dealt with effectively by society. You lose your job, you get asked to leave the pub, you get broken up with, ostracised. This to me is not only right, but it is adequate. The problem is already solved. We have had widespread societal acceptance of racial differences since the 1950’s. We have enjoyed decades of inter-racial culture exchange. Cuisine has diversified. TV shows such as Fresh Prince of Bel Air established characters like Uncle Phil, a response to the Uncle Tom stereotype that prevented so many black people of the time from embracing western culture. Uncle Phil was a character so refreshing that young people of all races, including me, looked up to him. I am thirty three years old and I can recall this period of society very well. We achieved multiculturalism in the 90’s. This is a manufactured problem riddled with hyperbolic statements of virtue and disingenuous and condescending treatment of minorities.

I myself am a member of the travelling community. Before I was as outspoken as I am now, I witnessed our community get surgically removed from the rest of the Irish and designated as the first distinguishable class of people in Ireland. The motives behind this are now as clear as day. They want to use the Irish travellers as vehicles for the hate speech legislation. The same way they want to use Black-Irish people to push for it too. They go into our communities, find the fools that will be overcome with flattery from the platitudes of the establishment, and embellish them with spots on tv shows, magazine covers etc in return for our precious statements identity-washed by our genetics. As long as someone like me, an Irish traveller, says the rest of Irish society deserves to live in fear of insulting me, then the establishment will get to pass these laws that will take away ALL of our voices. I am glad to report, that far more members of our community see through this now than they did a few years ago. They see that the same law that gives them authority over the country man in social settings, gives that same authority to a black person over them in other settings, a Chinese person over those black people in other settings, and so on and so forth. We all see it. There are those who see it as opportunity, and those as a threat. There is not a single soul alive in Ireland today that believes hate speech legislation will prevent hate. It will only drive a wedge between us all as we will socialise only with those we can’t offend and lose our liberty for the sake of it.

Helen McEntee, through her dangerous rhetoric and totalitarian mindset, is a threat to the organic peace and coalescence of the human race in Ireland. Creating classes of people and giving them favour over others will not only encourage the worst of those communities, the opportunists, to rise to the top, but it will also prevent the rest of us from taking them down a peg or too. I am going to argue here that a little bit of racism, tribalistic jostling for position, is healthy and should not be regulated unless actual crime occurs. Hate speech on its own can certainly be evidence or motive for a crime, but so can money, love interests, jealousy, etc. The motive for any crime is part of the determination of guilt. Not the actual crime itself. Racism, in terms of stereotyping, is the base root of a lot of comedy and thankfully so. I would never have perceived the negative tendencies of other cultures as anything other than a threat were it not for the lease of humour. Watching the like of Eddie Murphy do an Elvis impression? Priceless. Taking away this replaces “laugh with” for “laugh at” and eventually no laugh at all. Removing the ability to laugh at our differences leaves only fear, anger and hate. Let’s bring an example from closer to home. A brilliant parody of the Irish Travellers can be seen in Pat Short’s “Live and a bit Dangerous”. The characters Pa Connors and his brother, Pa Connors, emulate the most profound, stereotypical aspects of the carry on of Irish Travellers. If one wished to under the new legislation, he could take offence and air his grievances, removing the video from circulation and a prison sentence would be bestowed upon Mr Short. The knock on effect of this? No-one makes anything, says anything or even theorises the creation of anything remotely funny again.

The truth about this legislation is that it doesn’t appear to have any hope of surviving a competent constitutional challenge. The idea here is, like the covid legislation, pass a bill and blitzkrieg the use of the bill for a period of time that is less than the time it takes to mount a constitutional challenge. In this case Helen McEntee wants to bring in hundreds of thousands of foreigners in a short space of time and muzzle us as we rightfully cry foul. As soon as this bill has served its purpose and the designed number of planters is hit, they will either repeal it or update it making it slightly more sensible in order to placate the masses who will clearly reject this thing once it’s in operation. However, If the population accept this bill and enable it, it could remain forever. Either way, we face a very dark period regardless of your level of optimism in regards to this matter.

Another aspect to all of this is the Irish Republican movement. In regards to the recent Irish birthing persons Football team debacle, The Irish Republican movement has been effectively told all of our songs, chants, colloquialisms and ways are in the crosshairs. I find the lack of public statement in regards to this from any dissident republican group to be the curious of all. Widespread uproar was heard from all of Irish society when they tried to say Celtic Symphony was hate speech but yet the dots are not connecting for this group of Irish society who we were told growing up would never let this country be taken over or let anyone tell us what to do. The absence of Irish Republican Dissident groups on the Hate Speech legislation topic, considering speech laws are literally Fascism, is to me a sign of the times. Rather than follow Connolly’s advice in Wages and Other Things where he warns of “faddists and cranks” hijacking the socialist cause, the modern Irish Socialist is a Europhile, championing any cause but their own.

In Wages and Other Things Connolly goes on to say the following:

“These simple propositions, as they appear to me, I saw to be neglected by the tendency on the part of the European Socialists as a whole to make their press and platform the stumping ground for every idea that had the distinction of being unconventional or in any manner a protest against established ideas”.

That is exactly what has happened here. Myself, being no fan of socialism, will admit that if the true Irish Socialist Republicans stood by what they have said over the years they will fight this tooth and nail and I will stand with them if they do. The Irish voice is far too important for politics to prevent us from saving it. I will ask the reader to break free from the political paradigm on this particular issue and see the bigger picture. We will lose our country and our people if we do not combine again as a people and cast out the most miserable Birthing Person in Irish history.

An overview of hate speech legislation around the world:

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