East Wall Answers the Call

Has a sleeping giant finally awoken? It's way too soon to tell but there are murmurings that the Irish working class are beginning to get a tiny bit jaded with the woke establishment altering their communities without any consultation and subsequently having their goons in the NGO's and media call them racist for daring to oppose it. The people of East Wall on Dublin's north inner city, which was built on reclaimed land in the 1820's, have sent a clear resounding message to Ireland's rogue government. "Get them out!", rang the calls from the crowd as former Lord Mayor of Dublin, now councillor, Nial Ring addressed them, condemning the lack of dialogue from local authorities. Talk is cheap and political lip service will not cut it with these people who have just about had enough. They will demand action, so if your motives aren't purely driven Mr. Ring, they will see through it like a pane of glass and it will be remembered. Fianna Fáil, a party Ring is a former member of, are totally fine with this, so the people's mistrust can be forgiven. But at least he had the decency to show up, which cannot be said for nearly all of our supposed representatives who are actively working against the interests of their constituents across the country.

During the nightmare Covid episode, it was extremely difficult for me as a proud Dubliner to watch my fellow Dubs fall so unanimously for the mind warping propaganda, designed to both demoralise them and coerce them into taking an experimental treatment they didn't need in order to access their freedom. I was guilty at times of being filled with rage towards ordinary people (I still have bouts of it now and then) for so meekly accepting the word of corrupt politicians and civil servants unquestioningly, when those people have never proven themselves to deserve such trust. When I'm battling with the polarity of my consciousness and the angel gains supremacy over the devil, I do realise that the kind nature of the Irish has been weaponised against us in many ways. Wanting to protect those close to us who are old and vulnerable was an admirable endeavour, but this argument is also counterbalanced and needs to be offset by the fact that nothing made sense. This same good nature has been weaponised once more for the Ukrainian side-show which is now clearly (although the conflict in the Donbas region is genuine) being used as a cover story to flood us with unvetted, undocumented migrants from everywhere. Transporting them into Western Europe completely unscreened. Ireland specifically seems to be a key target for whatever reason.

The cat is out of the bag. I've seen plenty of footage from the East Wall protest, where hundreds gathered and I have not seen one Slavic looking man enter the old ESB building. To a man they are all dark skinned and certainly don't look Ukrainian. It's as clear as day for anyone with eyes to see, what is happening here. One of the cornerstones of the UN Agenda 2030 is mass migration. It is the lynchpin connecting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and without it the global plans for the next decade they have set are not possible. Project Ireland 2040 is of course a mere coincidence running in parallel with these plans. Read here: gov.ie - Project Ireland 2040

The states NGO bloodhound's attack

The same formula is being used across the country. On any important issue the government select (handpick) a small panel of representatives who are in favour of their plans, usually from NGO's. They then inform us through their mockingbird media that this is all above board and a proper consultation process, we swallow it and the plans are executed. Anyone from the community who objects thereafter is branded a racist or far right, or one of the usual jibes and is set upon by the likes of Leah Doherty, her partner Eamonn Crudden, Mark Malone or some other leftist paid operative. The taxpayer funded NGO sector repeat and reinforce this narrative across all their social media platforms and the ordinary people are bullied into silence for fear of being tarred with the dreaded moniker and a black mark on their character. Up until now this has been hugely successful at quelling dissenting voices, but there seems to be a slight shift of late. Le Chéile are one of these organisations, who wasted no time in condemning the locals - who have to live in the area while they sit behind a keyboard in a plush office somewhere on the south side perhaps (I couldn't find where they were actually based as it is not listed on their website). I suppose if I was engaging in traitorous activities I would wish to remain as difficult to contact and as secretive as possible. The picture below certainly tells a story. This amounts to theft of public money but is being presented as Irish democracy for the modern age. A precursor to the 'stakeholders' the WEF keep alluding to, ie. People who matter.

Someone is making serious money from all this. Gerry O'Neill, in his Westawake Substack, did some excellent research into this, shedding some light on who exactly, to read the article follow the link below:

Gerry O'Neill's research

Multiculturalism is not necessarily a bad thing when it happens organically. People coming to Ireland in the previous decades have generally been a positive addition. Many love and respect our ways and traditions and have brought the richness of their own cultures and food, for example, with them for us to enjoy and in the main, have integrated well. However this is not what is happening now. Young men with no love for Ireland are being sent here by the bus load to be put into direct provision centres, where they stay all day long in cramped, crowded conditions unfit for humans. The government and NGO's coaching them, couldn't care less about them, contrary to what they claim. They are a means to an end. Pawns themselves, in a geopolitical game and just like the vast majority of the Irish, are blissfully unaware of the rules. Useful for now, but when the tap runs dry these men (and they are mostly men) will still expect the handouts they are currently receiving. But they will also expect housing and will likely skip queues on housing lists. All while we currently have 10,400 people registered homeless (you can probably double that figure when you account for couch surfing and the difficulty in filling out of forms and the navigation of other bureaucratic red tape to actually get onto the homeless list, extremely difficult to do from a tent with no laptop). Lots of young men bunched together with nothing to do and no money to spend, more often than not turn to antisocial behaviour and criminality, so the concerns of locals are more than valid, particularly when we see the behaviour going on in Wicklow and Killarney.

How do the establishment plan to sustain this current model? Oh they'll be going back to Ukraine you say? Who the ones from Georgia, Albania, Algeria, etc. Don't kid yourself. These people are going nowhere! The native Irish will be sleeping on the streets before the new pets of the state are discommoded. They are even being encouraged to vote to further disenfranchise us in our own country. Will they be allowed vote in the property rights referendum I wonder? With a gentle nudge perhaps, from NGO employees of where to place their 'X'. I've news for you Paddy your government hates you and you had better start to realise it and fast! The establishment have been so blatant and nonchalant and downright dismissive regarding the origins of these unvetted migrants, (all potentially dangerous because of this simple fact) that it has resulted in more and more people starting to ask questions. The mainstream media have now been forced to report it in a less biased fashion than usual and the racist tag was even strangely absent from a radio report I happened to overhear yesterday. Three men in particular deserve enormous credit for forcing this issue into the zeitgeist with their on the ground investigative journalism, showing people exactly what is happening. Those men are Philip Dwyer, Derek Blighe and Stephen Kerr, who have all suffered personal attacks from radical hard-left activists and have been defamed as a result of their persistence and bravery.

The great people of East Wall are now realising the seriousness of this and have restored a bit of Dublin pride in standing up to this crime against our country. This is not going to stop until we make it stop. Our government which now amounts to no more than an organised criminal gang, have made it abundantly clear that there is no limit, point blank refusing to cap the figure on the influx of 'refugees'. On the reclaimed land of East Wall, these true blue working class Dubs have reclaimed a bit of pride and dignity, which was robbed of us all throughout the Covid nightmare. This is the next stage in the unleashing of numerous crises they have planned for us in the coming years, in order to steer us towards their goals. Attempting to shut us up with unjust hate speech laws in the process. However, Covid was eventually defeated because people had had enough and stood firm. Perhaps, just north of Dublin's Docklands, the first domino has just fallen on this particular scam.

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