Irish - Code name: Far Right

So despite the attacks from all quarters - government, 'opposition' (wink, wink), NGO's, Garda Commissioner and media alike, the people of East Wall didn't succumb to the bullying or intimidation. If anything they have gotten even stronger. They have gained more support and have also given courage to other communities, like Carlingford and Fermoy to do the same. Malachy Steenson and Nigel Murphy, who are representing the local residents, sat down and met with Roderic O'Gorman and Paschal Donohoe who dismissed their concerns out of hand. The government are not for budging, deals are done and the locals are irrelevant. They are even being gaslit by some quarters, (Social Democrats TD, Gary Gannon most prominent among them) into believing they don't actually represent their own community. Laughable I know, better to just do a Varadkar and be honest (yes I too can't believe I wrote those words) and just say straight out that the locals have no right to be consulted in this matter. Good old Varadkar eh, at least he can always be trusted for his inability to hide his contempt for the plebs.

The real media smear campaign clicked into full gear though, only when Sinn Fein leader and ex-Fianna Failer, Mary Lou McDonald had her election poster doctored and presented to the crowd of a couple of hundred people and was met with almost universal boo's and hisses. In her own constituency? Surely not. The collective psychological meltdown which followed from the entire left wing so-called opposition was wildly entertaining. Blanket condemnation of the 'racist' protests, infiltrated by the far right, the usual guff. The illusion of the Shinners as a viable alternative must be protected and preserved at all costs in order for politics to remain relevant and still viewed as the only solution to any problem. The locals have genuine concerns but can't control who appears at their protest nor should they try. Nor should anyone from across the country who wishes to lend their support to a potentially dangerous situation be shamed or threatened into staying away and not lending that support, regardless of their political affiliations. This is still a republic despite what RTÉ and all the rest of them would have you believe. People are entitled to different views.

'Hate' is a hot buzzword at the moment, but those who use it as a virtue signalling lightning rod seem to have absolutely no issue or embarrassment into weaponising it towards those who disagree with them, whenever it suits them. There are worryingly only a tiny number of voices inside the halls of power even vaguely critiquing the current lunacy. Gerard Craughwell stood up in the Senate making the sensible point that those landing in our airports without passports are exploiting the system. Sharon Keoghan also made some very valid points in the Senate, only to be heckled and mocked in a silencing attempt by Regina '9 genders' Doherty. Doherty with the claim - loaded with emotional blackmail of course - that they are fleeing war and seeking asylum. Well let's examine that shall we, since our mainstream media refuse to. Footage from all over the country clearly shows these 'asylum seekers' to be predominantly men and not from Ukraine. Are these men leaving women and children in a dangerous war zone so they can go on an advance stags party with their mates, while the women and children follow on later after they navigate the small matter of live rounds swirling all about the place? It's completely farcical. A large number of these men are from Georgia, even though the Georgian ambassador confirmed Georgia is a safe country and they have no need of refuge. The story keeps changing as it often does when it's told by liars, now it's common knowledge (a conspiracy theory a few months back) that they are men coming from everywhere, not just from Ukraine. O'Gorman nonchalantly admitting as much when questioned by Ben Scallan of Gript. The mainstream media not only ignores all this, but according to Michael Reade of LMFM, the tricolour is now akin to the swastika. I cod you not! This is the new Ireland they have almost succeeded in creating. A universal self loathing incessantly reinforced by those allowed to speak in the public sphere. Amazingly this is not considered dangerous extremist rhetoric by a state who 'proudly' flies this insignia above its official buildings.

So basically, the government are exploiting the suffering of genuine refugees from Ukraine in order to funnel into the country, people who neither need to be here, nor deserve to be here, just to tick another box for their masters. A nice pat on the head from Ursula Von Der Leyen, the handsome reward for the coordinated destruction of their own country. They are also exploiting the kind and giving nature of the Irish - although people are starting to see the scam - and painting anyone who disagrees as racist. It's disgusting. The Garda commissioners comments were also a disgrace. Here's a man who swore an oath to serve the people and preserve the rule of law, taking sides and saying he would be monitoring social media for racist remarks and threats of violence. Amazing how he's always there at hand to pass comment on activities the government doesn't want taking place. It almost seems as if he was handpicked specifically for his current role for this very reason. Were his fingers firmly crossed behind his back, upon uttering the section of the oath regarding the promise not to join secret societies, mmmm I wonder? It won't be Mr. Harris however, who has to clean up the inevitable mess he clearly supports, when these eggs become chickens, no that will be left to the ordinary rank and file on between €30-40K a year. Soon to be armed with the elite training of determining which words hurt the most feelings and in what order. Or will Varadkar get his wish to put guns in their hands to aim them at the Irish people, who are suspiciously absent from the list of protected classes under the new hate crime legislation.

Despite all these obstacles and the focused campaign of negative press they've received this past fortnight, our working class heroes from East Wall have miraculously emerged from the quick sand, where so many have previously sunk, with real credit in the bank and have actually gained even more support. They have shone a light on the contempt official Ireland, the media and the entire political establishment have for the Irish people. This is not and was never a race issue. The ordinary people of the country know this and the attempt by those on the left and also our 'betters' to brandish the race card - virtue signalling on behalf of those they are exploiting - has left a nasty taste in many people's mouths. Confirming what the dreaded 'far right' have been telling them for years, that their government hates them and cares not a jot for their concerns or opinions.

The coordinated attempts to portray a local residents demonstration as a political rally was completely dismantled by the quite brilliant press release statement sent out by the residents committee. Prose worthy of Ireland's literary prowess, that Joyce himself might have approved of - even as contrary as he was. This made clear that all are welcome but political opportunism was not. The residents can't control who turns up to support them as this is a nationwide issue and important to all, but they have played a blinder with their measured approach. The blocking of the port tunnel they feel is a justified and necessary response to the contemptuous dismissal of their concerns by the government. They plan to do this every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at around 5pm until things change, if you agree with their actions please go and lend your support if you can. The East Wall protesters I believe are linking up with the Free Speech Rally on Saturday at 1pm, which is a most welcome development. An apolitical movement of people just purely assembled to defend civil rights is what is badly needed. Cross-group cooperation which transcends the political divide makes infiltration and fragmentation extremely difficult for those who wish the people to fail. The establishment would be well advised to proceed with caution from here on in unless they want to spark a countrywide pushback to their irresponsible policies. Calling people racist and far right won't cut the mustard anymore. That particular spell is wearing off and the labels no longer work. Labels are a dehumanising tactic to present the recipient as some sort of monster unworthy of engagement or debate. The people are now slowly starting to realise though, that the far right really means, the Irish.

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