As the East Wall protests enter week three, and various other locations around Ireland have had massive demonstrations against the policy of population displacement, it has become apparent to this establishment that we haven’t rolled over like the obedient dogs they thought we were. The terminology once used to make us sit, show the paw and lie down has been exacerbated to the point where, if there really was a hidden group of racists in Ireland, the government and prostitute media is now being dismissed as the they/thems who cried wolf. The dog on the street knows what’s up.

The natural progression from here will be an escalation of rhetoric and the Darwinian use of hand selected migrants, based on gender, age and other desirable characteristics, to use as plot armour in the great yarn they are spinning. East Wall is a great example of this. Wethepeople.ie can confirm, that under pressure from the East Wall protests, Roderick O’ Gorman has moved an unknown number of vulnerable women and children from warm, secure lockable hotel rooms in other parts of the capital into the cold, under construction East Wall ESB building. "That will show them East Wallers" he must have thought? This occurred this morning 7th December 2022. That’s how identity politics works and strangely enough its always White Knight Wokeists that perpetrate these crimes against the human spirit. In Roderic’s case he takes this further than a virtue signal. This is late-stage Cromwellian Plantation. Roderick O’ Gorman is nothing short of a depraved sociopath who consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others. Having played his part in the cover up of the Mother and Baby Home scandal by sealing the files for 30 years, O’ Gorman seems to feel confident that Ireland will produce another creature like him 30 years from now to cover up whatever file is prepared then on the human rights abuses and heinous crimes that have and will occur in and around these direct provision centres. In response to this display of situational human trafficking, The Committee of East Wall have promulgated a second Press Release:

East wall, for three weeks was 100 percent adult males. 100 percent military aged men cooped up inside a building that is not fit for purpose and who all believe they are going to have their own turn-key accommodation within 4 months because they were told so by Roderick O’ Gorman. They also have an expectation to be able to work, access to Irish dating culture, of which they have received no unconscious bias training or cultural expectations training. They have not been screened for psychological conditions or past offences. They have no knowledge of Irish law. Some of these men have been in hotels in Ireland for over 12 months and now moved from there to office buildings with no sound barriers or privacy and only a drywall type partition between them and their neighbour. We know all this because we have talked to them. Groups of these men have taken to drinking cans outside the centre in a park area. A Georgian man was approached by a local and asked how long he was in Ireland, is he happy with what’s going on etc. He stated that he feels abandoned, moved from a comfortable hotel that he was in for 12 months to a crappy office building in partitioned room. his standard of living has dropped massively and he has yet been given the supports to access the job market.

This beggars the question: Why is the Irish government promising these people professional independent lives within 4 months and hypocritically holding them in stasis while they move them around. Why are Irish homeless services devoid of the same pragmatic policies foreign nationals receive? There is intent here. I believe the intent is driven by darwinian, ethnicity based population control. I believe we are witnessing the most racist event in human history and that the fools with their heads STILL burried into their home comforts are so trapped by fear of being called a racist themselves they stay out of the argument. The people in charge in this country, the Blueshirts, seem to have revived Cosgrave’s thinking of forcing the lower end of Irish society to emmigrate. Who remembers the decimation of the GAA clubs and rural communities during the recession of 2008? The chalice of hundreds of rural clubs was carried away to Australia and their Irish genetics, that resisted 800 years of British war, starvation and plantation, carried with them only to be replaced by foreign nationals. The stories in the pubs once shared between brothers, cousins and friends were replaced by laboured small talk between strangers, the points lost in translation, and then not heard at all. The rural pub, the heart of the community, sacrificed at the alter of globalism.

We are not dead and gone though. We are still here and more alert than ever to forces of globalism and population control. The plantation of our communities can be stopped and we can maintain our welcoming spirit to outsiders. We must begin by accepting the difficult truth that demographically, the Irish people have to remain the overwhelming majority of the people of the island of Ireland. We must accept that mass immigration by night is unhealthy in an already politicised world. The right wing nationalists will reject the dishonesty around their replacement and the left winger internationalist types will ultimately run out of excuses as the casualties and anguish piles up. The solution that is needed must come from a country with a similar demographic base, similar population size and culture. I propose Danmarksmodellen. The Denmark Model

The Denmark Model the name given to the set of legislative changes made in Denmark focused around housing policies and the prevention of ‘parallel societies’ forming and consuming neighbourhoods creating areas where Non-Native culture was effectively extinguished. In other words, Denmarks immigration policies of the past failed and failed so badly that ethnic, religious and cultural ‘Ghetto’s’ had formed within certain areas and crime in those areas was out of control. In 2018, The centre right government proposed legislative change that would create the conditions ideal for optimal integration into, and the protection of the Danish culture. They proposed a cap on the number of Non-Natives in any residential zone to a maximum of 30% in order to prevent the emergence of ‘parallel societies’. They aimed to achieve this through relocation, incentivised deportation and in extreme cases, eviction orders. This legislation was honoured by the incumbent Centre left government who, true to Scandinavian progressive form, identified the problem and simply unapologetically set about dealing with it.

I have to say, I absolutely admire them. When both sides of the poisonous political isle emerge from behind their castle walls and work together on projects like this, accepting the better talking points and rejecting the lesser ones in altruistic sense and rolling out what appears to be the mode that will save Europe you have to stand back and admire their courage and modesty. Denmark have bravely identified mass migration has run its course in Europe. There is no more room at the inn. Where does Ireland stand in all of this?

Right now Ireland is perfectly situated to implement the Denmark Model. We do not have the ghetto problem here yet in any real sense so therefore we can pre-emptively implement this plan here but with our own flare and touch to it. This is the chance to lead the way in Europe by actually taking on board the concerns of the native population and implementing them in a rational responsible way. By do this we can prevent the pendulum of politics from swinging right to left, decimating our social cohesion and successfully integrate Non-Natives into Irish society. Proof that the Denmark Model will work here swell as it has over there can be found in a report published by The Irish Human Rights Commission entitled: Piaras Mac Einri, “Migration in the Irish Economic Context”, 15 October 2005. In this report Mac Einrí clearly identifies the problems we are seeing now. He predicted the current European wide situation to a T in this report where he raises concerns about migrant driven social issues. Mac Einrí predicted that the failure to address such issues like integration and who should be responsible, would lead to chaos. You can’t just dump bus loads of people into communities. Even Mac Einrí would agree with that. He finished his report with the following impressive bullet point and even though he talks a savage amount of mendacious shite on twitter, these words in this report should be absorbed by all of us:

“Above all, we must address indigenous social exclusion if we are to avoid future conflict. This may require some reconsideration of the type of model of economic progress which we wish to promote and may also require us to revisit the balance to be struck between that model and social and community priorities.”

Mac Einrí advocates for open borders in this report and states that the people who come here and don’t ‘make it’ will simply leave. This is not true in the case of the Irish welfare state. Mac Einrí does not talk about tax payer funded hotels in this report. See the Hypocrisy? I do. If the world opened all its borders at once there would be a tidal wave of welfare tourism, consuming the fruits of labour that they fled to avoid in the first place. Dead money wasted on buses, hotels and retrofitting office blocks in a never ending, tax payer funded, cultural exchange merry go round. For me I can only see Open borders working in a hyper capitalist, low social protections, world economy where the incentive to leave a place is the lack of money. The example of the Norwegian Archipelago of Svalbard and its open border/zero welfare policy proves this to be true. These socialist types often try to solve all problems within the confines of models that are paradoxical and ultimately the workings of adolescent Thunberg like, coming of age thinking. Social welfare, or too much of it, removes the incentives to leave, or even engage in, the type of labour market Mac Einrí talks about. I don’t personally like the idea of a wild west labour market as this fosters the type of economic slavery capitalists like Carnegie could only have dreamed of.

When you realise that the full circle implementation of these UN migration policies creates the very problems you warned about in your own report, one must realise there is obligation and a duty to speak out and admit you were wrong. It’s time to put people before politics. The general public has told Irelands political class, supporters and rhetoric pushers they have had enough of the post Trump divide. The don’t give a shit about right and left because if we are honest about this, neither of these extreme positions have solved a single issue in the last 6 years. The type of people who meddle in society from a position of Dogma, fundamentalism and virtue signalling will always fail in the end. Only the people willing to admit they were wrong can solve this issue. It is now painfully obvious that the situation in East Wall is the thin end of the wedge, a wedge that will be driven home with the full force of the Nation for a solution. Mac Einrí’s report, which If you look past the framing, is actually an impressive prediction of what has occurred in Ireland. This report and the Denmark Model go together like beans on toast.

We must all demand this solution. Irskemodellen!

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