How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history?

10%. A measley, lowly, pathetically insignificant 10%. That's what you are now. That's what your lies and subversion have reduced you to. The jig is up and you can release all the internal memos you want through RTÉ and Virgin Media - because effectively that's all they are at this point - in a futile attempt to wrestle back some sort of credibility to reinforce and maintain your self delusion. It's over! There's no safety valve now either, we know. We KNOW!!! You don't even have the state sanctioned bogeyman of Sinn Fein to fall back upon anymore. They've also been exposed. You are in uncharted waters without a compass. The true north (and lie) of 'western democracy', ironically obliterated and dismantled by your own torpedo in 2020 no longer a viable fall back punchline, the people understand now you mean not a word of it. You are all guilty of participating in an attempted totalitarian power grab. Your criminality and corruption is out in the open now for all to see. Ireland has become tribal again and is edging closer to becoming post political, as the cynicism towards party politics is now at fever pitch. It's at a level never before seen and it is a predicament all of your own making. We are not in Kansas anymore and the untameable wildness seems to have returned to the Irish psyche literally overnight. The tolling of the new year bells were like a switch turning over to reveal an entirely new paradigm. One in which the old spells of a conjurer no longer have any effect.

And your words, oh your words! The hilarious insincerity of which only resonate now in the ears of religio-political fundamentalists who devoutly devour the Irish Times during working hours, only to be topped up by Six One upon arriving home - just as the spell was slightly wearing off - to their leafy overpriced middle class suburban kennel, where the Stepford wife (who has an average flavourless chilli con carne in the slow cooker since this morning cooking away while some working class young-one spent the day minding the kids) reinforces the delusion (while she boils the basmati) that the matrix still holds fast and the terrifying people they speak of on the brainwashing box are still thankfully a fringe minority of cranks. They merely need re-education and need to be patronised and spoken for by 'anti-racist' NGO's (don't ya know), when leaving them alone to live their lives, unpatronised and unantagonised for the past decade may have been a far wiser strategy. We know you are are watching us too. Do we care, do we fuck! (I don't like using bad language in my writings but needs must). The Irish people are not criminals and have nothing to hide. Only the moving of goalposts and the contortion and weaponisation of our legal system has the ability to turn the ordinary decent hard working people of this country into criminals. The law was once blind, now she has a patch over her left eye and her right eye is cock-eyed, enabling her to only see far right. She once had balance, but that scales now sees protected identity groups outweigh the sons and daughters of Éire, who are fair game it would seem for any level of verbal abuse.

No doubt you will try pervert the justice system further, but are now in a race against time with the true court and the only court that really matters. The court of public opinion. Watch, monitor, threaten and harass all the decent hard working families you must, who pay for your miserable, psychotic, degenerate existence so you can sleep a little easier in the hope that your show of strength will quench the righteous flames that now burn inside their emboldened hearts. (Whispers gently in ear - "it won't"). They have now seen through you and rather than spreading hate as you say they have decided to become the adults in the room and protect their communities, a job that they trusted you with. The only hatred and name calling is coming from you and your apparatchiks.

You got us here, so thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Without your arrogance and complete misjudgment and misreading of a developing situation we could never have gotten to this point. We know what you are. We have known it for a long time. We have known it through your two year Pharma protection racket when you very nearly destroyed us for good. I must admit you had us worried there for a moment. But now the mass of the people know it too. The level of intelligence fuelling the change in the conversation and rhetoric out there now, in an informed working class who now are fully aware of who the enemy is should truly terrify you. The hand of NGO's in the shadows funded by global bodies like the WEF and UN is now common knowledge. We are well on the way to making Klaus Schwab a household name just as you did with Luke O'Neill. Parties like People Before Profit (who we shall speak of in a moment) having direct links to George Soros', Open Society funded, quasi-militant psychological terrorist organisation, Antifa is now deeply embedded in the consciousness of an angry 'proletariat'. These organisations and their operatives go around doxxing concerned members of the public who dare to put their heads above the parapet, in the hope harm will come to them. Disgusting, disgraceful and shameful tactics. But sadly tactics we have come to expect. Notice how they are rarely, if ever tackled by the authorities, however.

The only ones left supporting this now fall into three categories. The harmless ould eejits with a bleeding heart who are incapable of gleaning objective non-emotive detail from an argument. The 'we Irish went everywhere' crowd. The next are the more greedy sinister element, the grubby gombeen type on the make, hotel owners (not all) and their ilk, getting the extra few quid to help what is essentially a human trafficking operation. Those who would sell their mother and never think of potential consequences, their eyes firmly fixed in the moment and the making of a quick buck. And of course we've already mentioned the foot soldiers of George Soros and Co.

Which brings me to Gino Kenny. If he ever gets a seat in Clondalkin again after the stunt he pulled at a recent protest it will most certainly be in the new way (ie. The 18th count with a ballot bonfire out the back). Caught on film telling a local who actually put an 'X' beside his name at the last general election that he was not welcome and he didn't want his vote. These open borders zealots who strangely were pushing for a zero-Covid approach not too long ago, where flights into Ireland would have been grounded, now all of a sudden want to invite the entire planet without a national passport, never mind a vaccine one. Hypocrites and liars and you can quote me on that Kenny. I will debate you any time you like and you are quite welcome to come on Caint Saor to do so. In fact that's a challenge and an invitation. I would enjoy the chance to tie an intellectual Pygmy like yourself in knots with your own lies. You are an absolute disgrace. Counter protesting against your own constituents who pay your wages. You are not satisfied with them subsidising your comfortable existence (one would think you could afford a decent Turkish barber on a TD salary) you want to donate their hard earned tax money to anyone who manages to set foot on Irish soil, which is a piece of cake now thanks to Roderic O'Gorman. A man who attended last nights protest at SIAC in Clondalkin claimed Kenny rang his boss, when he seen the company name on his work jacket, to grass him up for attending a 'racist/far right' protest. A cowardly act which could have resulted in the man being sacked. Champagne socialist, champions of the working class eh. The mask has well and truly slipped now hasn't it, a sickening cowardly act trying to take food from a man's table.

People Before Profit are not a political party. They are open border/transgender/BLM/(insert globalist narrative) activists. Marxist ideologues, whom I have no doubt would be as ruthless and vicious as their Bolshevik predecessors, if they ever achieved any real power, such is their level of ideological capture and surrender to the mind virus of Wokeism. As Solzhenitsyn said in his great work 'the Gulag Archipelago', ideology is what makes men do evil deeds. A chronological account ironically, of the subjugation and suppression of the human spirit by absolutely grotesque, evil means, by the same ideology these virtue signalling wokies are infused with on a cellular level. It is a must read for everyone and should actually be on the school curriculum (rather than the 'progressive' literature these types are in favour of - you know the ones I speak of). It stands as a testimony to the absolute horrors unleashed upon the Russian people in the early part of the twentieth century right up until the collapse and dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. I somehow doubt Kenny has read it. If he has that's even more worrying.

Does anyone else get the sense it's no longer working? All the lies have suddenly caught up and the people are just fed up now and are starting to verbalise their outrage. Of course that won't stop them continuing to say that black Ballymun residents standing shoulder to shoulder with Poles who also live in the area are now 'far right' for actually supporting the working class (which they are themselves now part of, because they came here through the correct channels and are law abiding people who have paid their way and worked bloody hard). It's all too ridiculous at this stage. They are losing (I believe have lost) the battle for hearts and minds and are now spiralling into full blown psychosis and panic. When Daddy Harris said there were sinister elements involved at these protests; he meant you. The concerned parent on the street with your children standing up for your community. Nothing at all sinister about him and his oath to the British crown - a foreign jurisdiction - as a former PSNI Deputy Chief Constable and MI5 agent, though of course. Now strangely occupying the role of our own police commissioner. Is there such a thing as 'former' British intelligence; one does wonder. I'd say he is salivating at the prospect of clubbing a few uppity Dubs over the head with the riot squad, so caution is urged and when engaging with the Gardai, be as polite as possible. Or better still don't engage at all, unless you absolutely must. You are in the right here, always remember that. Expect the bullying and rhetoric to intensify in the coming weeks and months as events escalate further as they are expected to, because the government for now at least don't appear to be backing down. Bus loads of men still arrive almost by the day. It's absolutely essential to keep things peaceful and above all streetwise. Always be on the lookout for agitators and provocateurs. Remember 'Rocketman' when Daddy Harris had his minions deployed at the top floor of St. Stephens Green shopping centre, kitted out like a movie set, waiting for the appearance of our leading man, which was brilliantly exposed by the Irish Inquiry. A phantom who nobody knew and who had since vanished into obscurity.

I really don't think going to Cllr. Vincent Jackson's home was a smart move, if I'm honest - although I understand people's frustrations with the complete lack of dialogue - because it coughed up cheap propaganda and allowed Baby Harris the opportunity to go on Virgin Media and release a statement to the rest of the 10% of his horror and dismay at what unfolded. This is not helpful at a time when a critical mass of the public are beginning to migrate over to our side and the regime are searching for any tiny crumb they can to regain the moral high ground. Don't let them! We are winning. Moves like this will only serve to hand over the initiative at a time when constant and consistent pressure is proving more than adequate.

I'd like to finish by congratulating all the people across Dublin and elsewhere, who mobilised in huge numbers all across the city, to voice their anger and disgust at the dangerous, potentially disastrous situation the government have foisted upon us all. You have made us all proud to be Irish again and have given us some enduring images of horse and carts, reminiscent of chariots, leading the troops out to battle. A new generation of Irish warriors is emerging and the people are beginning to realise, that no one in power is on our side. We are all we have and if we are courageous enough, we are all we will need. A special mention must go to our 'local champions' who sadly were foolish enough to back the wrong horse and take the shilling of the establishment to call their fellow countrymen racist, when it is clear to nine out of ten people in the country that this is not what the issue is about at all.

Steo Wall, Philly McMahon, Martin Beanz Warde to name but a few, I hope you got well paid to forget where you came from and betray your compatriots, because that is what you did. All of you. Ireland's long history of traitors and knaves has a few more undesirables to add to the list. Shame on you all. But I can't let you get the last word in this odyssey, that must be reserved for the modern day na Fianna and their coming of age in this epic tale. They will need to harden themselves further to tackle all the challenges that will surely be coming their way next. But now, finally, at long last they have entered the battlefield.

Erin go Bragh!

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