North West Communities: Your turn next

This is a Call Out to all concerned people in the Northwest of Ireland People of Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal, we have worked together in the past and now must do so again and we must do it now. I'm calling all activists in the Northwest to begin banding together and preparing for protest. The announcement of 7.5 million being allocated to house "those seeking international protection" in Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim, specifically 'repurposing' sports facilities and community facilities, will ring Alarm Bells to people who are asleep to the present danger and as a Rally Call to those who are wide awake. The Aggravating factor about that announcement, to anybody with half a brain, is that the majority of those coming are not fleeing any persecution, there is NO process to vet any of them and a large proportion have destroyed their passports on the flight to evade identification.

Sure look at the dollar signs in greedy Tom Fox's eyes as he announces the cunning and crafty ways they're hatching up to take housing off people and squeeze as many Migrants into small communities as they can, this invariably means Irish families in the Northwest getting evicted, long-term tenants or otherwise, because it'll be more lucrative to house Migrants. People of the Northwest ask yourselves are you prepared to let this happen to your lovely hometown? Will you give up your precious public amenities? Will you let this happen to your beloved families?

Because let's be honest the safety and security of our neighbourhood is what's at stake, as a contributor to this publication I can tell you that the reports we're getting are of a massive increase in seriously violent attacks, violent rapes and gang-rapes of men and women in other areas.

The MEDIA are NOT COVERING these reports to gain political favour and shame on them, it is after all our own community members who stand to become victims if they are not at least made aware of the present danger.

There has been major backlash from these attacks and the media silence in the communities of East Wall, Artane, Coolock, Clondalkin, Fermoy, Athy, Ballymun, Finglas, Tallaght, Ashton, Killarney, Breafey and many others. We must realise that the government are likely to move many of the most dangerous migrants from those areas and place them up here in the Northwest of Ireland, we are not about to allow the wolves be moved silently into our parish, not without a fight.

Our demands are simple:

- Anyone who has been brought to Ireland in the last 5 years and committed crime, GET THEM OUT!

-THE 40% of the migrants who came here and destroyed their passports on route, GET THEM OUT!

-Anyone who has come here within the last year from a non-EU country, currently not at war, GET THEM OUT!

-Lastly, not 1 more refugee to be processed until the above 3 conditions are met, it doesn't matter if they are coming from North Korea or Palestine, our country is full, we have allowed in masses of criminal gangs, rape gangs and hardened, foreign paramilitaries. We have no housing for our own, we have no hospital beds for our own and we are battling a totally corrupt government, hell-bent on destroying Ireland and the spirits of the Irish people.

To the activists who are ready to go, particularly in Sligo, get ready, speak to your friends and family and prepare them for peaceful protest. First location will be announced loud and clear, likely to be a TDs office. To the traitorous bastards masquerading as government ministers and their enforcers, be ye warned: I am just one man writing this article but I represent the views of almost 90% of your electorate, you know it and we know it. We have watched our brothers Dublin, Cork, Kildare and we have learned from them. We will not stop this political action until our demands are met nationally and you have been made responsible for every assault, rape and gang-rape on this Island made possible by your policies and kept quiet by your media cabal. For what you have done we hold you in the highest contempt.

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