A New, Old Ireland

An opportunity has arisen for a real parallel society to blossom here in Ireland. The working class, particularly those on Dublin's Northside (the 'Blacks of Dublin' as Jimmy Rabbitte famously said in The Commitments) have opened up a front the establishment and their army of woke NGO's are ill equipped and ill prepared to deal with. They speak two different languages. The word weapons of choice do not work here. The spells have no power on this terrain. Woke is an ineffective armament against a stoic, angry working class, who are completely apathetic to childish name calling. These are people with real soul and a spine to match. They smell bullshit a mile away and the odour of manure whofting across the Liffey from Dublin 4, although nauseating, is one they are now fully accustomed and acclimatised to.

With Artane now joining the fight, all we need now is for the idiotic upper class establishment to annoy Cabra just enough, to create a ring-wall of dissent from East Wall to the Phoenix Park, encircling their IPA/soy-infused, vegan hipster battalion's in Fairview, Clontarf, Drumcondra and Phibsboro in a military style pincer grip with only the green waters of the Liffey at their backs! With the Irish Slimes having to fabricate easily debunked articles, retweeted by the likes of Paul Murphy and other pretendy opposition figures, it's clear the regime are in full blown panic mode. Clear and blatant lies for all to see. How does a force, used to being a flat track bully and having it all its own way for the guts of a decade, suddenly adapt to an opponent who is now confidently and righteously on the march, has learned all your moves, absorbed all your best shots and no longer fears you? That's what we are currently witnessing here in Ireland. A true apolitical grassroots movement of the people has emerged. And it terrifies them! I'm not going to comment on specifics and some of the truly awful things we are hearing (and not hearing with the mass media silence) filtering out, as there is so much right now that's anecdotal and unconfirmed. It's also a developing situation filled with traps and misinformation deliberately being fed out to discredit people searching for answers. Instead, in this particular article I wish to focus on the positives and offer words of encouragement to the growing army of dissenters who are not only inspiring their fellow countrymen, but also people across the continent of Europe to fight back against the lunacy of blanket open borders.

So now is the time people of Ireland. What will it be? What kind of society do you wish to live in? One where you eat insects, face endless experimental inoculations for spurious seasonal bugs and run the risk of prison time for misgendering someone's cat. Or a society in which we remember all that was gritty and magnificent about this country before prosperity turned us into weak slaves and junkies to materialism. One where you can still enjoy the gelatinous delights of a steak from perhaps the worlds finest produce (farmers you are in the crosshairs next). The carnival atmosphere and spirit of the 80's and 90's when we had very little - but what we had we shared, can be restored. You only have to want it badly enough and dream big enough. A time when a mortgage was a realistic target for a young family, with a sole earner. When a ten-penny bag was heaving with jellies and the shopkeeper was your neighbour who gave you 10 smokes over the counter for your mother when you were 8 or 9, making it clear they will be making sure in conversation later that they were indeed for her. Back when you signed for a football team not from the area and you asked your ould fella for a lift to training, only to be met with eyes peering above the newspaper with a wry smile and a tear out of the bus timetable handed to you, accompanied by a reach into his pocket for coins for the fare. Safer, simpler more wholesome times. The Ireland of Italia '90, The Snapper and Eurovision dominance (when it was an actual song contest). When the neighbours wouldn't be embarrassed to ask for a drop of milk or a bowl of sugar. Our Ireland! The one they've robbed from us. Steadily and stealthily. How did we get from 12 year olds reading Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl to gay anal fisting and using spit as lubricant in case your stuck and the chemist isn't open, which is currently being prepared and promoted as acceptable reading for this age group. That's where we are folks! That's where apathy has led us to by the nose.

But thankfully that spirit has now returned and enough people are pushing back to present us with a choice. Will you be brave enough to join the cool people, the mavericks who are unmoved by the opinions of others and take a leap of faith into the unknown, to help build a future for our country (along with the people who have proven they deserve to be here) that we can all be proud of and create a society that will be the envy of the world. Or will you choose to continue down the the current path of allowing bullying, menacing, mediocre, degenerate creeps with sadistic, perverted tendencies to continue to lord it over us unchecked and untouchable. In an environment of fear which they not only want to perpetuate but ramp up and intensify considerably so they can cut you out at will for daring to question them or their motives.

The good news is they are losing. But you will still be forced to make a choice. The choice is ultimately yours whether you accept being corralled into the miserable, soulless existence they have planned for you, or whether you stiffen the backbone, regain your self respect and say NO. No I won't go along with this. I won't go along with what is clearly not right. But just remember the consequences of your decision will impact on your children in ways you cannot even fathom right now. Either way unfortunately. There will be possible short term consequences for fighting back, but the long term consequences if you don't are unthinkable. The children will be completely dependent on the system for everything and will never be able to afford owning a home of their own, if we do not succeed. If you truly love them with all your heart it shouldn't even be a difficult choice for you to make.

Choose wisely.

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