Nationalist Youths of Dublin - They Are Not Thugs

Hundreds of Dublin youths have been seen patrolling the streets of their communities in opposition to the recent plantation centres that have been placed in their areas. This has sent a shiver down the spine of the establishment and inspired people from all over Ireland to rise against the plantation of their country. As usual the NGO machine, the media and pro-plantation activists have labeled these young men thugs and picked on the fact that they conceal their identities. This article is a defence for them taking this action.

For a start the establishment send Gardai undercover and uniformed to take pictures of all individuals that are on the streets in opposition to globalist policies. They do this to gather intelligence about those on the right and their families, friends and associates. With former RUC man Drew Harris as Garda commissioner who knows what they will do with this information? For this alone is a good enough reason for people to conceal their identities when taking to the streets.

Another worthy point is that there are well funded and well resourced NGOs and agents that are set up to counter the upsurge of nationalism in Ireland. Their aim is to destroy the lives of people who make a challenge to the agenda of globalism and they will use every means available to them to do it. Organisations like the ISD and the Far Right Observatory and the Beacon to take particular interest in the rise of nationalism which isn't a surprise as the ISD is a front for British intelligence. Previously these organisations, agents and marxist degenerates have attempted to have nationalists fired from their jobs, release their home addresses so their families and themselves could be targeted at home. Even elected TDs get involved as pbfp Gino Kenny was caught ringing up the workplace of a constituent trying to get him fired because he saw him at a protest. A nationalist with a good job is far more useful to the cause than if they don't so the less information these despicable organisations have on them the better.

To conclude I would like to put forward the question as to why we are entertaining the people who say these youths in Dublin "look like thugs", sure it would be better if this wasn't necessary but these young men are standing against an extremely powerful enemy. Why do you want them to reveal themselves? So ISD et al can threaten their jobs, their lives? Of course they're hiding their faces, the opposition will seek any means possible to destroy their lives. We are up against the machinery of a vindictive state. This is the first time something like this has happened in Ireland for a long time. I have no doubt that the same people giving out about these youths in Dublin are the same people who cast judgement on our people in the north during the troubles who took on the British Army while these same people didn't lift a finger to help. We have no reason to appeal to the reservations of these cowards while we continue the struggle. The tough people who are willing to stand up and be counted are not so skittish about things and it is to their defiance we should be appealing to because it is there we find the strength of our race.

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