General Election: February 9th 2024

How the fuck do I know when the next election is going to be? Well we all know there is one coming, the entire country is coalescing under a general hatred for the now, publicly known world plan to reset the Nations and blend us all like a caesar salad. The voter bases of all parties are evaporating into an educated and angry voter block ready for something new. If the current Anti-Plantation protests continue to gather momentum these globalist parties will barely be able to walk the streets never mind canvas for votes. A change was always going to occur but this caught me off guard. I can confirm, if you haven’t seen it already, that Bertie Ahern is returning to politics.

This generation of quislings is irredeemable. They have all been identified by their own constituents as foreign operatives. It is blatantly obvious to all that the parties have been cut to smithereens and their overlords in Davos are not happy. After this years meeting in Davos, which prominent global leaders actually avoided due to the stigma of the place, we started to see the current roster of Young Global Leaders get punished for their failures. Vaccine quotas were not met. Cash is still in circulation, Digital ID’s are as merchantable as mouldy bread and worst of all, the Nationals of this world have rediscovered the opiate-like rush of their respective National Struggles. Nationalism is what they fear most and if they can plant us well enough, they can protect themselves from a nationalist majority in our national parliaments. They see what we are doing here in Ireland in particular as the most viable threat to the technocracy at this time. Where does Bertie come in?

It is my firm belief that they see Bertie as a way to win back the middle class and possibly the working class conservatives to some measure. His very presence is a de-facto promise of another Celtic Tiger. Realistically, he is there to plot the destruction of this movement and draw Fianna Fail back out of the ashes before the next election, which I feel he may run in. This brings us to his new membership with the party. He doesn’t need to be a member to provide advice or planning. It is an almost certainty that he will run. If he runs as the leader of the party I can guarantee you Fianna Fail will be a force to be reckoned with. Bertie Ahern is immune to scandal. He is far more likeable than Martin and would appeal to the young farmers in particular. This brings me to the question at the start of the Article. How do I know the date?. Bertie Ahern cannot run as a candidate for one year after he signs up to a party. I am speculating that Bertie has been sent in by request of Davos to turn Fianna Fail into Irelands version of the GOP. Fianna Fail are going to become the leaders of the Opposition in my opinion and therefore they will be open to a wider range of stances that a sitting WEF government couldn’t hold. All fake stances of course, designed to look traditional and rebellious. Think Aontú but with more cobwebs. Expect some contrived use of the word ‘Sovereignty’ by him in the media in the near future, designed to signal their return to Liberal republicanism.

We must maintain our course as activists, alternative media and members of the general public awake to it all. We must maintain the protest movement at all costs, until an election is announced. We must try force it before February 9th 2024 if possible to remove that smarmy con artist out of the running and put him out to pasture for good this time. If a Bertie Ahern led opposition got into government I fear for the boomers and millennials, who have yet to really educate themselves on any of the events that have unfolded in the last few years, as they may fade back into idiocrasy. A Bertie Ahern opposition in a Mary-Lou led Government, more than likely with Pearce Doherty being Tainiste, would be extremely, far more appeasing, sensible and dismissible to joe normie than the current horror show we have at the moment. Depraved individuals like O’Gorman and Donnelly will not be electable again. Woke is Finished. Sinn Fein are terrified of what woke has done to their voter base and will drop the hardline stances on topics such as LGBT and Migrant issues as soon as they are in the Cabinet. They will reserve the wild anti-Irish Statements for Murphy, O’Riordan and Barrett and co who will form a backbench coalition with their pastime socialist Sinn Fein Allies. This is what they are waiting for. A ‘Far-left’ government of millionaires are set to bring in the 39th amendment that will hand all of Irelands land over to the corporatists in Davos. Bertie Ahern will claim he tried to stop it but couldn’t.

I have laid out above an extremely precise scenario. some of this will happen, how much, is up to us. We are at war with a broadway level production, backed by the billionaires of the world and a police force that that will throw themselves baton first at women and children on command from Mi5 operative Harris. Stagnation and disagreeableness are obstacles we face more so, as the right and left dichotomy rots and dies under the marching feet of Irish Nationalists, liberated from the party banners that created that initial barrier to discourse. Now is the time for nationalist and republican to mix as one under the banner of Éire, The Tricolour as we dismantle the technocratic class, affirm our borders and restore our position in this country as its heirs.

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