The Ministry for Truth

So predictably as the contrived mainstream narratives fall apart and people have now turned to citizen journalists for their trusted news and on the ground information, the control freaks in power need to do something to hold back the tide, which is starting to become a tsunami. The truth is so often self evident and many people can now see the naked emperor in all his body positive glory. Catherine Martin, Green Party TD and Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media of Ireland (that's a mouthful) has set up a working group to tackle 'disinformation' (information damaging to the establishment). Very urgent to the lives of ordinary people wouldn't you think, they must be reframed and thought how to think in the correct way by only being able to access approved information. She was asked by Ben Scallan of Gript, would the mainstream media be held to the same standard and be reprimanded for any infractions with the pedalling of disinformation. She of course seemed to answer a completely different question, but to Scallan's credit he didn't let her off the hook, however instead of a straight answer just got a look of bemusement, a blank lifeless stare. The idea of even suggesting something so extreme seemed completely alien to her. Most of these people live in the pseudo-reality construct created by the media and just like a lot of members of the public still in the trance, cannot even fathom an alternative.

Considering the entire media corps have engaged in numerous blatant lies and half truths of late, it was an extremely fair question to ask. Kitty Holland of the Irish Times, conjured a tale from thin air, in relation to an alleged attack on tent dwelling migrants at the Tolka River, no photographic or video evidence provided even though she claimed to have arrived on the scene in the immediate aftermath. The details of the story changed numerous times when she was asked about it. It got to the point where it was almost 'the dog ate my homework' territory. That didn't stop Paul Murphy, a colleague of her father, using it as propaganda inside the Dáil despite the complete absence of veritas. Isn't it strange how there is almost daily video evidence of the many indiscretions that our new found chums partake in, yet those 'far right' extremists have yet to be exposed on camera as being what the government claims they are. Could it be that the government are stirring the division to create widening gaps in our society. Creating more and more minority groups, making resistance against the power structure increasingly difficult? They do seem to have a derogatory label pre-prepared for every group that disagrees with them. 'Climate change deniers' the next group most likely to be demonised. Your turn next, watch this space.

The coverage of the flop event last Saturday went from reports of 15,000 to 50,000 in a heartbeat. Crowd counting technology later showed it was closer to 5,000. This lie was only overshadowed by the Journals article portraying pedestrians as somehow at fault for someone attempting to run them over. The Journal oddly deciding to champion the case of the perpetrator, because of course 'these people' (a phrase we are hearing more and more), where in his way. These so called journalists should be utterly ashamed of themselves. What was once a noble profession has been soiled by inoffensive yes-men who want to cosy up to politicians because of the kind of celebrity status and career opportunities they might feel it brings them. Sadly the lies from the media is not where it ends. The dishonesty and sheer wicked lies go straight to the top, where they do it by reflex action.

Aindrias Moynihan, Fianna Fail TD for Cork North West recently asked Leo Varadkar during Leaders Questions about the growing concerns regarding the rise in excess deaths. He stated it was at around 20%, the Irish Times published an article last week saying 30%. In response to this question Varadkar remarkably said this:

"It does seem that there has been an increase in excess deaths this winter relative to other winters, it seems it's not a phenomenon unique to Ireland, it's an international one and I have asked the CMO for her opinion and advice on it, the likelihood is that it's related to a number of factors, influenza, RSV and Covid all circulating in the community, people's immunity is not what it was because of social distancing throughout the pandemic, people's immunity isn't as strong as it would have been, if they'd been out and about picking up viruses. Then there's also the issue of unmet health needs with parts of our health service being effectively closed down due to pandemic restrictions and people didn't get the healthcare they would have otherwise got, but that's all just opinions at the moment we don't have any data to back that up"

In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary - "come again?"

This is simply an astounding revelation by the sitting Taoiseach, who was also Taoiseach when he took to the podium to read out the initial raft of lockdown restrictions which represented the single greatest curtailment of rights and civil liberties in the history of the state. I recall being banned from social media during the lockdowns for stating the two main points Varadkar haphazardly addresses here.

1. Lockdowns, masks, social distancing could create weakened immune systems.
2. Hospital appointment cancellations and postponements would create a backlog of untreated illness.

I'm not an expert, but this does fall slightly into the category of common sense (when you can step back and analyse logically and are not primed by the mainstream propaganda machine to be a hysterical hypochondriac) coupled with the fact all the censored experts were warning of the same, using Occam's Razor it would be safe to assume that Varadkar, as leader of this country, with all the resources and financial backing of the state at his disposal, would have been aware of this potential situation around the same time as I (an ordinary eejit with a smart phone) was, but chose the most extreme measures to enact upon. Considering Covid 19 was an extremely mild illness for the vast majority of the population, with most needing to be tested to be told they were sick and a recovery rate of 99% conservatively, would it be safe to assume that the public health policy adopted by the government was at very best, a complete catastrophic failure.

This is not only an admission that lockdowns were ineffective but that they may have contributed to the current spike in excess mortality. It's important to note, that barring the initial spike between March and April of 2020 - which was the justification for the mass panic that followed in the subsequent two years - the recorded deaths followed a similar pattern to previous years. Ergo, the mismanagement or worse, the possibility of malicious intent to further an agenda, was clearly and demonstrably responsible for the rise in excess deaths we are currently experiencing. Varadkar of course fails to mention the elephant in the room. The infallibility of the most magical of all serums ever to be concocted by human hands thankfully remains. Criticism of which yet to be fully sanctioned in the public sphere in this country, unlike others such as Denmark who stopped vaccinating under 18's on 1 July 2022. But here? Science apparently now has borders just as Ireland's disappear. The sacred vial's reputation here in Ireland, so far stays unblemished. The majority of the population still see the vaccine as; at the very worst, ineffective. So much so that the government and health advisers, led by Mr. Varadkar, feel it's perfectly safe now to give to 6 month old babies, despite the unexplained phenomenon of healthy athletes collapsing and dying on pitches across the world in their hundreds and with Myocarditis and other myriad diseases becoming increasingly common since the rollout of this life saving potion. All this despite children never being at risk and despite the fact - by Pfizer's own admission - it does not prevent transmission nor does it prevent you getting the alleged virus. I say alleged because in 3 years, still no health authority anywhere in the world has managed to produce an isolated sample using the method of Koch's Postulates, despite continued freedom of information requests. The risk involved for absolutely no benefit is not only irresponsible, it's criminal and whoever is responsible for signing off this abomination should be at the very least be charged with Malfeasance given all we've learned since the initial rollout.

It seems that what is deemed harmful disinformation or conspiracy theory in real time, has an uncanny habit of becoming news and common knowledge a year or two down the line. That reactionary period is reducing all the time and on the migrant crisis in particular seems to be bringing it closer to anywhere between 4 and 6 months. Notions that resulted in the branding and labelling of the entire East Wall community as 'far right' - such as a more measured controlled approach towards migration and not the free-for-all, 'Milky bars are on me', Roderic O'Gorman is in favour of - are now being spoken of in mainstream circles. Pat Kenny making some utterances on the topic along with Michael McDowell - whose voice we could have done with months ago - referring to Ireland as a 'soft touch' and Varadkar himself speaking of tighter controls at the airport regarding documentation. Hardly extremist, but that's exactly how it was portrayed in November when people gathered outside the old ESB building to make their opposition known. They were roundly attacked and abused by the government and media alike, to the point where a radicalised leftist activist, an individual who doesn't seem to be well at all, drove his car through a group of protesters, which included women and children, badly injuring a man as a result. Dangerous Driving was all the perpetrator, Stephen Bedford, was charged with, even though he himself filmed the incident while blaring some crazed communist anthem, proving that the action was premeditated. This was an act of terrorism that went more or less unpunished, while people who disagree with the government could soon find themselves referred to as hate criminals for the wrong choice of words.

Another thing that has been a topic for discussion in uncensored circles, is the potential for refugees to join An Garda Siochana. Leo Varadkar has a cheeky habit of leaking little snippets from his handlers at the WEF. Something tells me the widened scope of possible diversity hires within the rank and file and Varadkars recent comments about arming the police force are not entirely unrelated. I'll use the qualifier Varadkar used himself, right now it's just an opinion of a few of us, who strangely seem to be consistently ahead of the news cycle, but it's put here for posterity in an article specifically dated on the off chance this too becomes reality. The bedlam the new interlopers have brought to our streets since the turn of the year in particular, could soon come with the legitimacy of a badge and a pistol. A horrifying prospect, but is it one you'd put beyond this government after all you've witnessed? Food for thought. Let's hope these concerns are unfounded.

An incident in Ballyfermot involving a gang of youths in a skirmish with Gardai had a GRA representative aghast on Virgin Media, stating that the men and women in the Garda had a job to do and such treatment is unacceptable. What fighting criminals? That is their actual job is it not? The job they signed up to do. Not to dance Jerusalema at beauty spots while the general public are locked down, linking arms to block a road in Coolock preventing men, women and children with buggies from marching or of course modelling red high heels for whatever virtue signaling exercise that was. Real crime happening within direct provision centres and the spillover onto our streets is never even mentioned though. But working class young lads in Dublin 10 causing hassle, albeit genuine "arm the guards". There is at the very least a highly selective approach applied here. The low wages and reduced fitness requirements along with plenty of other issues have drastically lowered the standard of law enforcement in this country and with less applying for training in Templemore, we could well find ourselves in the ridiculous and scandalous predicament of someone policing our streets who arrived here illegally. The chaos created by the current occupants of the seats in Dáil Éireann knows no bounds.

There is so much being thrown at us now from all angles that at times it can be overwhelming. It's important to focus on the positives and the things we can actually change and have an impact on. The fact they are in reactor mode now is encouraging but also frightening as this leaves the door ajar for more and more chaotic and dangerous escalations. The ministry for truth, the hate speech laws and everything else they plan to introduce in a hurry, are all a rushed attempt to suppress what seems to be inevitable now, even if there are more twists along the way. They will need to get more and more draconian to quench this fire. They were the ones who struck the match, not us but as the temperature increases they are the ones crying foul. There is a hint of desperation about the whole thing because increased censorship has actually aroused the suspicions of the average Joe and they are starting to notice.

As the time between us driving the narrative and the mass media having to react to it shortens, this will even pique the interest of those within the population who have short memories. This is what they simply can't have, yet it's happening regardless now, because not only has our message hit home, people are communicating now in person again and having the high quality conversations the government and NGO class thought them incapable of and not intelligent enough to comprehend, when they are out on a cold night protesting together and sharing knowledge. It's creating a politically astute working class, the likes of which this country has never seen before. Real community leaders are emerging who will one day join forces to reconstitute this republic and hold to account all those quislings who schemed and connived to undermine it.

Long live the republic.

Long live Éire.

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