A Tale of Two Realities

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". The opening line of Charles Dickens masterpiece set in London and Paris, chimes uncannily true when considering the current state of Ireland. The country and in fact reality itself, genuinely seems to have split in two, with opposing factions so deeply polarised and entrenched, one would have to wonder will common ground ever again be reached to traverse the gaping frontier and artificially constructed ideological divide that has now emerged. A seemingly bottomless quarry blasted out by vastly altering viewpoints. A clash of cultures - family values versus limitless liberalism, tradition versus 'progress'. People seem to be existing in completely parallel worlds, both alien to each other. Sets of values repulsive by the same degree to the observer at the each opposite end of the social kaleidoscope.

I find myself in a constant battle not to be dragged into this fight. Struggling and grappling constantly to try and sift through the rubble of the cavernous abyss which dissects both armies to occupy the middle ground, but the reality I'm finding more and more is that the centre doesn't seem to any longer exist. It's a no man's land. An ambiguous uninhabited wasteland whose denizens have found themselves clasped between the crocodile-like jaws of the steadfast, immovable left and right. Extremes now so far apart they are almost certainly unbridgeable. However this unfortunately is no time to sit on the fence. One cannot in good conscience stay quiet. But where does one who espouses some of the age old tenets held dear by both sides of the divide plant his flag? A nationalist, with old fashioned family values with left leaning positions on housing and workers rights may find himself in limbo in this new paradigm not of his design. Vociferously threading water in a maelstrom that has replaced the once calm waters of polite Gaelic discourse. Choosing sides has now become an inevitability, a matter of necessity if you wish to avoid being devoured and cut to pieces in the crossfire of the volleys of vitriol which arc like the arrows of bowmen aiming to penetrate the armour of the enemy. The lonely man in the middle who just wants to be left alone could find himself isolated and destroyed if he refuses to align himself with either extreme. When faced with such a choice the lesser extreme is always the wiser choice. The overt insanity of one side, in addition to the unprecedented government and media web of lies and propaganda, has resulted, without any real conscious consideration on my part, in my choice being made for me. All I have done is simply chosen to remain sane.

I honestly do believe, from my vantage point, that one of these extremes (namely, 'the far right') is not only greatly exaggerated but in fact almost entirely fictional. There will always be a few radical exceptions of course, but in the intricate tapestry of the social order this phenomenon will always exist, but from where I stand it has not so far to date shown any violent threat, or indeed any inclination towards militant engagement beyond the defence of its own position. No, that indictment has come exclusively from one direction. Ironically the ones who feign tolerance have consistently shown themselves to be the aggressors. It certainly hasn't decided to drive its car through a random crowd of innocent people.

People who have been vilified for years in the mainstream have crossed my path in the real world over the past three years and contrary to the demons presented to us by the media, I have found them in almost every case, to be some of the finest, most exceptional, decent, stand up people you could ever wish to meet. As Malcolm X once said, "If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing". The profundity of this statement has come into laser sharp focus for me in recent times. As someone who always saw himself slightly left of centre politically, never in my life did I expect to find myself to be more aligned with conservatives and even more bizarrely, evangelical Christians on a plethora of topics, rather than those who have the audacity to refer to themselves as liberals. The real threat to this republic are not the Burkes of this world or people like them. No, the serious and immediate threat are those on the extreme left who have built themselves a fortress and have developed a siege mentality when dealing with anyone who resides beyond its moat.

Anyone who remotely disagrees with their neo-Marxist, secular commandments is immediately branded a fascist or a bigot. The established structure which always seeks to consolidate more power and grow itself has found a convenient bedfellow in the useful idiots who aggressively and in many cases unwittingly push their goals for them. Particularly in the area of free speech which should be the benchmark and the constant of any free, functioning society. There is now no room for balance or nuance. There is virtue and hate, that's it. On the opposite side of the coin to Enoch Burke is Paul Murphy and his gender fluid baby. I know who I find far less extreme. Murphy's colleague Boyd-Barrett recently made a wild claim that should the left ever rise to power, the Gardai would stage a coup to prevent it. These are people who regularly refer to their rivals as conspiracy theorists. Murphy recently told a national newspaper that assuming the gender of his new baby boy Juniper (I think he spelled Junior wrong, but sure they like to play with the alphabet) would be an infringement upon 'it's' privacy. He of course made an exception regarding the child's rights in this instance because the opportunity to virtue signal and push his ideology was evidently too great a temptation to resist. Call me cynical but I have a feeling that this won't be baby Junipers last time to feature in an Irish Times article. I predict a few more forays into the public domain. Just a hunch. Who knows he could turn out to be Irelands answer to Desmond is Amazing. Poor mite.

Tolerance has increasingly become a vice and has facilitated the emergence of a totalitarian structure wrapped in a cloak of fake virtue. I have absolutely nothing against anyone wishing to express who they are but why do I feel like I'm being beaten over the head - almost daily now, with a rainbow coloured sledgehammer? To anyone looking at all this with any modicum of common sense it's just plain bizarre. The establishment of course could not care less about these people long term. They are at present a means to an end. They are being used as a minority whose rights are championed for the expressed purpose of removing the rights of those who disagree with their dogma and especially underage children being exposed to it. A mere tool for the abolition of free speech. The future victims of this lunacy I'm sure will be guaranteed similar treatment to that currently being experienced by the vaccine injured. Silence.

Children need direction and guardianship, not a whimsical, a la carte approach. Strong adult role models are what's needed, not childish virtue signalling attention seekers who perpetuate falsehoods for Twitter likes and shares. Who put themselves and more aptly, how others perceive them above the wellbeing of the children. Children's rights are an issue the government have unfortunately successfully shoehorned itself into. Can a child have the ability to represent themselves in court? Of course not, so the hoodwink of elevating children's rights merely equates to the dilution of the rights of parents, so who steps into the vacuum? Why the state of course. Your average middle class couple have become so attuned to both parents having to work to basically pay another mortgage for childcare, that many are now accustomed to the outsourcing of their children's stewardship. The state has stepped in and subtly assumed the role of surrogate. Three pieces of legislation have completely altered the relationship between the child, the parent and the state. The 31st Amendment to the Constitution regarding children's rights in 2012, the 2015 Gender Recognition Act and the infamous 36th Amendment of 25 May 2018. That was the day Ireland changed forever. The sight of psychotic, militant feminists and SJW's howling into the abyss in Dublin Castle in celebration like it was a rock concert, with Varadkar and Zappone, two childless homosexuals, the rock stars, was not only stomach turning, it was perhaps the darkest, most evil day in the history of this country and I include the troubles in that statement. We were promised abortions would be only performed in the most serious cases. Instead what we have gotten since are abortions on tap, with the zealots now wanting full term abortions.

Isn't it ironic that those who push for the murder of fully developed foetuses as a form of birth control, now also think they know what's best for our children. If they are not killing them in the womb, they want to brainwash and abuse them. Teaching them disgusting, inappropriate things about masturbation from an early age that would make most adults blush, as laid out in 'This book is Gay' by Juno Dawson. The intention of introducing this into schools only rivalled in depravity by the revelation that 16 year olds can now transition against their parents wishes with the full support and backing of the state. A 16 year old child is not deemed responsible enough to drink or legally have sex (although I'm sure some would like to amend that too), but they are judged by current cultural standards to be responsible enough to make a permanent life altering decision to surgically remove their sex organs. How is this even being considered?

This is an abuse of power and against the most innocent and vulnerable minds in our society. But of course those who oppose all this are the backward bigots and the likes of Paul Murphy the progressive, tolerant, inclusive ones. The avalanche of suicides and the mental health tsunami that awaits the next generation is incalculable, particularly with some of the horror stories which already exist, from people who are now experiencing remorse at their decisions and have taken steps to de-transition. Where is their voice? Are their rights being protected? Mental health therapy will sadly be quite a lucrative field in the future. Is the phenomenon of gender dysphoria actually a condition of the mind? With it having been reported that 90% of trans people are on the autistic spectrum, is it not then conceivable that impressionable, people are potentially being manipulated and love-bombed into becoming 'stunning and brave'. When we take into consideration that this whole phenomenon is in fact (regardless of what we are being told) entirely man made, we must in turn consider who benefits. Trans people cannot exist without the help of a scalpel or pharmaceuticals, so the same cartel responsible for the last aggressive global marketing campaign stand to gain once again. Interesting eh? These are all issues which require rigourous debate, but one must first possess the bravery to cross the battle field of verbal projectiles sure to rain down upon them should they adopt an 'intolerant' or 'uninclusive' opinion. Or indeed risk being castigated as a hate criminal. Utterly preposterous, but alas that's where we find ourselves. The recent opposition and concerns from Catholic schools and also the Irish Muslim council was encouraging and an indication that common sense is finally taking hold within certain institutions. However, the fact these concerns were more or less roundly ignored and dismissed, by most notably, Leo Varadkar and Simon Harris, should have alarm bells ringing for people as to why something that enjoys such little public appetite and support is being so fervently and rigorously pushed by politicians. Why?

They are constantly moving the goalposts of what is morally acceptable. Testing the boundaries of our value systems and taking a stick of dynamite to them. Augmenting reality into a perversion and inversion and subsequently gaslighting us into thinking this was always how things were and we are the ones who have changed. We are the extreme ones. Gay marriage (which I voted for, by the way) has also been a factor in softening our resolve and was a steppingstone on the downward spiral towards iniquity. That is not to in any way disparage gay people in a loving relationship, but the state could not care less about male nuptials, it was merely another box to tick on the way towards their new liberal order, where depravity reigns and literally anything goes. Brian Dowling and his partner raising a child his sister carried is not the destination, it's merely a one horse town along the way where we stop to fill up the car.

Transgender people adopting children is no doubt next because the poor souls can't have children for obvious reasons but still deserve happiness of course. That is the life they chose, but the rights of children, will no doubt be secondary and an afterthought in the moral hierarchy if such circumstances were to occur, one would imagine. What are the chances of Paedophiles or Minor Attracted People (MAP's) as they are increasingly being referred to, being listed as one of the new protected identity groups in the hate crime legislation, a few years down the road once the current proposed legislation becomes the norm and accepted? I would say quite high, judging by the current madness that seems to be escalating at break neck speed. With a legal framework then in place what would prevent such individuals pursuing adoption? Would the refusal of the right to parent be considered an infringement upon their rights? This is all hypothetical of course but once tolerance has no limits these are the alarming possibilities.

Will parents accept this? Well they did allow their kids to be masked up to the eyeballs in schools and queued up at vaccination centres for them to be experimented on with messenger RNA, risking death or potential life long health complications to prevent 80 year olds from getting the flu; so who knows. When a society becomes dysfunctional, depraved and decadent like this one certainly has the ones who always suffer are those most in need of our care. Simply because the supposed adults have become weak and infantilised. The children and the elderly have had very few adults to speak up on their behalf over the past three years due to the cowardice and self interest of the masses.

If any group in society deserves to be a protected class its children and if the state wishes to aid in this, it should be to the benefit of parents and never to their detriment. The innocence of children is the very thing at risk here and perhaps more sinisterly, dare I say under attack. Ask yourself what sort of future do you want for your children? Do you want them to be strong, independent, productive, responsible and fertile men and women, capable of extending your lineage and legacy, building a better nation to leave their families than you left for them, or would you rather weak, dependent, entitled, slavish, petulant, sexless, androgynous automatons who can't think or procreate? Loyal not to this country, but to a tyrannical global superstate which tracks their every move and does their thinking for them. Either the best of times or the worst of times awaits us in the future, now would be a very good time to choose which reality you would prefer to live in.

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